the bitter side of sweet

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Welcome. This community is a home and haven for angsty, darker Inuyasha fic. If you've been told that "you write well, but so depressing!" this is the place for you. Feel free to post your angsty/dark fics, challenges, and even icons and fanart.

Basically, this is a schmoop-free zone. This means, please don’t post anything you or others would consider fluff, WAFF, saccharine, sugary, sweet, touching, or happy (unless it’s dark glee at others’ misfortune, à la Naraku).

Please note: This is a place for mature people. You don't have to be over 18, but you do have to act like an adult. Being an adult means comprehending that not everyone will like your writing. Similarly, not everyone will agree with you about your OTP. If you can't handle people not sharing your opinion and can't show respect to others for theirs, this likely isn't going to be a fun place for you.

  • content directly related to this community (i.e., dark/angst fics, discussion, and art/icons featuring the IY fandom).
  • Pimping of other communities and/or journals is only allowed if it is within a pertinent post (i.e., a post containing dark/angsty fic, icons, or issue-discussion) and pertains or relates to Inuyasha in some way. Advertising your IY-related material is fine; promoting a Saiyuki or Utena community is not.
  • All fics must be behind an lj-cut, spell-checked and have a reasonable attempt at proper grammar and punctuation. Fics that hurt the eyeballs of those attempting to read them because of poor English will be deleted, after a thorough scolding. ALL HAIL STRUNK AND WHITE.
  • Anything more than one chapter in length should be merely linked to, instead of putting it behind an lj-cut.
  • All fanart and icons must be behind an lj-cut, and if there is adult or squick content, must come with an advisory of same.
  • All ratings, pairings, and genres (provided it's non-fluff) are welcome. Bashing of characters or pairings will likely result with several people telling you to go fuck yourself, so be prepared for some unpleasant fallout if you choose to bash. REITERATION: we're pretending to be adults here. Don't dish it out if you can't take it.
  • Free expression is encouraged. If you post a fic here, expect that you might be receiving constructive criticism (i.e., we don't insist upon only positive, "gushing" reviews). However, flames are not permitted. Flames will be deleted and flamers banned for a undetermined and probably arbitrary period of time. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently.
  • All fic posts should contain the elements of a header as listed below.
All entries should contain the following:
  • Title. Because, duh.
  • Rating. Believe it or not, some people don't like reading smut. We know, we don't understand it either. But there you go.
  • Squicks, so the faint of heart are warned before scorching their fragile retinas. The possibly squicksome consists of but is not confined to: slash/yaoi, femmeslash/yuri, character death, necrophilia, R and NC17 ratings, underage nookie, noncon, excessive schmoop/fluff, etc.
  • Pairing is not so important, but you can include it if you like.